VBC Teen Volunteer Applications

Teen Volunteer Application

High School Only

(incoming 9th-graduating seniors)

Thank you for showing an interest in volunteering for this year’s V.B.C. program: Maker Fun Factory! 

Our program begins on June 19th – 23rd; set up will be on Friday June 16th and Clean-Up day will be June 23rd. Being a part of this year’s team will require you to attend at least 3 training sessions, one of which is “Keeping Children Safe for Teens”, as well as the set up day and clean-up day. Attendance for the entire week as well as punctuality is expected.

Please fill out the information below and submit it to either Pam at psapienza@holyfamilyfw.org or Genni at gsayers@holyfamilyfw.org at the Pastoral Office. If you have any questions please call Pam at (817) 502-7888 or Genni at (817) 502-7889.

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