New Adult Faith Formation

Welcome back from Summer!
By MaryEllen McBee

Welcome back from Summer! School has started, schedules are getting back to routine, sports practice, car-pooling, and homework are again at the top of our “To Do” lists.  It is Fall.  The Formation Department is excited to begin another year of Whole Community Catechesis [WCC].  I especially want to invite the adults of the parish to come and be a part of our adult WCC class on Sunday mornings.  We meet during the same time as the children; 10:30—11:45 in Room ABC.  This fall the presentation is The God of the Old Testament: An Analysis of Wrath, Justice, Mercy and Love by Paul V. Niskanen, Ph.D.  In this course, the Theology of the Old Testament is explained within the context of Christian Theology.  It begins by looking at some of the history and challenges of reading and understanding the Old Testament correctly as the Word of God in human words.  Some of the key themes and passages from the Old Testament, such as Creation, the Sanai and Davidic Covenants, and Prophetic Imagery for God, are explored to present a fuller picture of the God of the Old Testament, rather than the flat stereotypes and caricatures so frequently encountered in popular culture. 

The format for this course is video and discussion, no one needs to be a scholar—just open to discuss and explore parts of Scripture that may have been confusing or challenging.  For more information or to register for the class contact me at or 817.737.6768, ext. 107.